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We have a wide experience across industries, and some clients just tell us what they need, then we locate the equipment, do the international procurement, and arrange the shipping to the client’s country.
While not limited to any specific industry, we have relevant experience providing our international customers in the following areas:

  • Heavy Machinery for construction and mining
  • Hydrogen Generation plants for power generation and industrial applications
  • Power Generation and Transmission equipment and supplies (Transformers, Turbines, etc.)
  • Renewable Energy equipment (Solar, Wind, Micro-Grids, Energy Storage, etc.)
  • Oil and Gas equipment: Drilling rigs, Mud pumps, Drill pipe, Coiled-tubing, Hot-Oil trucks, etc.
  • Water prospecting equipment
  • Water Purification equipment and supplies
  • Industrial Automation and Control equipment
  • Internet and Telecom products
  • Food industry supplies (Liners and containers)